Welcome to the web pages of Drew Watson International Ltd

I am an international advisor and orchestrator of top end learning and a highly experienced consultant in organisation development and change.  With over 30 years impact in blue chip companies and a global consulting  firm there are four main areas that I strive to achieve excellence in:

1) Leadership and Executive Development

2) Organisation Development and Change

3) Team Development

4) Speaking and Facilitating

In addition to a stimulating range of independent work, I have greatly valued and gained excellent experience as an Associate Fellow at Saïd Business School at Oxford University and as an Orchestrator and Educator at Duke CE.

Corporate experience prior to 2012 includes: Global Head for Leadership and Executive Development at Standard Chartered Bank, OD Head at Prudential UK and Europe, Worldwide Development Leader with National Semiconductor in Silicon Valley, and Principal Consultant Change and Development at KPMG.

I value working with those who want to make a difference in their field or organisation.  The values which I hold dear are “creative in thought, international in approach , fair in all matters”


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